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Flash Chibi Commissions

THESE ARE GONNA BE SUPER FAST SUPER BEAN CHIBIS jk they're not that quick but cons are picking up and i need funds to fund my merch orders. Also holy shit everything is breaking.


  • Original characters

  • Fanart

  • Animals/animal features


  • mechas

  • in-real-life people (actors, singers, etc)


  1. These commissions are for personal/non-commercial use only. 

  2. I'm only accepting one commission request per person. Please don't send me multiple forms. 

  3. I will be completing the commissions in order of receiving them. If you do not hear back from me, assume that I reached a batch capacity and will contact you again as soon I finish up previous commissions. 

  4. I have the right to decline a commission request for any reason.

  5. You will receive a high resolution digital file of your commission. No physical item will be sent to you.

  6. Payment through Paypal only. All prices are in USD. Payment must be made in full before drawing begins. 

  7. I reserve the right to post, reuse, redistribute, or reprint your commission in my social media or future work, such as artbooks or collections. You can request that your commission be kept private from social media or online, so please let me know ahead of time! 

  8. You are also free to post your commission on your social media or use it however you'd like! Credit to me isn't mandatory but would be nice :3

  9. I will only show one preview of the line art for approval to fix expressions or details etc. Otherwise there will be no wip previews or fixes. 

  10. Turn around time is about 1-2 weeks. Maybe faster bc this will be for a limited time. 



Chibi Beans

Starts at 50 USD

  • Price is per character

  • Each cheeb comes with two expressions! 

  • Maximum of two cheebs in one commission (couple chibis!) for $100.

  • Can add a prop (weapon, pet, etc) for additional $5

  • details will, inevitably, be diminished

  • finished commission will come with transparent background. 

Status: open
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